Zooper is now integrated into Themer!

themer_app_icon-450x450The wait is over! Zooper has been fully integrated into Themer. Please install the test build and let us know how it works for you. And if you’d like to join the Themer design team, send your creations to [email protected] Thanks!

You can get Zooper enabled Themer at this address:


Templates Forum moved to XDA!

I have received quite a lot of complaints in the past about the speed of our Zooper Templates forum so we’ve decided to move it where there is people that knows a lot better than me how to manage a forum, off course i am talking about XDA :)

Starting from now all templates should be published in this new section here http://forum.xda-developers.com/themer/zooper-templates, old forum will be set to read only soon but off course still available for a long time.

Thanks to all, and keep sharing your Zooper Awesomeness!!

Zooper Widget joins Themer!

Starting from today Zooper joins the MycolorScreen family to bring his awesomeness into Themer. If you do not know it yet Themer is THE theming solution for Android, check it out on the play store.

What does it mean for Zooper Widget? Don’t worry, the standalone ZW app will still be updated and published even if you do not want to use Themer as your launcher :)

Stay tuned!

Official PR here

ZW 2.42 is out

CaptureThe latest and greatest Zooper Widget version is now available on the Market. This is a maintenance release mainly to fix a problem on some commercial skins, it includes however some improvement too and also a new analog clock template called “RedTune”.

Main changes on 2.42 are:

  • Bitmap Opacity for Iconsets and Bitmaps: this is especially useful in advanced parameters, now you do not need any strange trick to hide a bitmap, so, if you need to hide it when, for example, unread email is zero, you can just do $#SUG#=0?[bo]0[/bo]$
  • Advanced parameters won’t disable the controls: this means that you can still change the preference controlled by the advanced parameters
  • Free version ADS provider has changed, please let me know if you experience any issue
  • Added Portoguese (thanks papagueno!)


New APK skins format in 2.42

Recently I’ve found a pretty nasty bug that prevents some commercial skin to work, this bug can be seen only once skin is downloaded from the store and only on JB devices, some of the templates will show as “corrupted” due to the fact that the compiler “zips” again the “zw” files making them unread.

Version 2.42 will add a “.jet” extension to all “.ttf”/”.otf” fonts and “.zw” files (jpg, zip and png will remain intact). This means that “foo.zw” will become “foo.zw.jet”. This will force the compiler to not compress those files and the skin will work again. This means that APK templates saved with 2.42 will not work on previous releases.

So, what should you do if you have a skin on the market which is not working? First wait that 2.42 is out so people get the upgrade, then you have 3 options, any of these options is fine:

  1. Open your skin source and rename “.zw” files in “.zw.jet”, ttf in “ttf.jet” and otf in “otf.jet”, then recompile the skin, and send it to the  market again
  2. Save your templates again using the “save for APK option” so ZW does the renaming for you
  3. Recompile your skin using  the “-0″ (zero) flag for aapt (this is complex so please do not ask how to do that but you might find this article useful)

Only the option “3″ will guarantee that your skin will work  on version 2.40 (or more old), if you choose 1 or 2 then every one on old version will not be able to load it. I am sorry for this but there is no solution so please specify in the market page that ZW 2.42 has to be used.

Show notification counts in Zooper with Tasker

Our friend Alexander Hecht has a very good step by step tutorial on how to use Tasker to show missing “unread” counts on ZW (like Whatsapp). This is a really nice “trick” to get a “per app” number of notifications displayed and i might add the feature to ZW as well in future releases.

In the meanwhile check the  out here:


Creating a Zooper Media Widget with Media Utilities

Zooper widget is an Android app that allows you to completely customize your homescreen. It is simple to use, but also very powerful. Together with other 3rd party apps, the only limitation I’ve discovered is my own lack of creativity. Today I’m going to take the opportunity to walk through how we can build a Zooper Media widget using Media Utilities and Zooper.  (Note: I’m currently using Nova Launcher, but any launcher including Stock will work)  You will need the following versions of the plugins.

After installing the necessary apps, we’ll go ahead and set up Media Utilities to work with Zooper.  To do so we’ll first open the Media Utilities app, press on the menu button and open the settings.  In the settings menu, it is important to select the following checkboxes and then back out of the settings menu.

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Zooper Widget 2.40 released

CaptureI’ve just started the (partial) rollout of the very awesome, very latest, very greatest Zooper Widget release. A lot of fixes in 2.40 along with some new feature. A big thank you to the great Beta Tester community for the reports and the testing!!!!

What’s new? Well:

  • Paid Skins sold via Play Store are now fully supported even on Jelly Bean devices, if you are a skin dev please check again the APK tutorial, in particular download again the sample project and check the very last section in the page
  • Modules can be renamed now to allow a more readable list, also the UI has been polished a bit adding some nice new icon on the settings page
  • Bitmap module now accepts full path as “[b]” advanced parameter, this means that you can load any image located on your phone providing a variable or a full path to it, this is especially useful together with the great Media Utilities allowing you to create full media player widgets with ZW!
  • Fixed duplicate file issue in save as APK, bitmaps disappearing, advanced parameters in series, gradient in non split progress bars, gmail unread when using priority inbox, ASU signal level for CDMA and LTE (Android 4.2 or better only) and rotation when Advanced Parameters < 10 are in use
  • Full screen widgets should work now
  • Added 2 new analog templates, fixed already present analog clocks using smoother hours hand and adding module names
  • Added Swedish and Finnish, thanks livingdeath and gregors

I will now stop developing for a couple of weeks, holiday period, see you end of August for some new awesome feature!!!

Paid Widget disappearing at reboot

invisible-manSo you just rebooted your device and Zooper Widget PRO disappeared from your home screen? Well, this is not, sadly, a ZW issue but a Google problem and i cannot fix it.

Basically some release of the Play Store app are ignoring the “internalOnly” directive inside the installation package, this means that ZW will be installed on the SD or ona protected area and the Launcher will not be able to load the package after a reboot.

This is a known problem and is tracked as an Android bug here and here, apparently it is fixed however on some device the Play Store is still buggy. This issue affects only paid widgets, free ones work properly (so, you will see this behavior also with other commercial app widgets).

WORAROUND so, currently there are 3 possible solutions to this:

  1. If your phone is rooted use Titanium backup, and save/restore the app, this will force Android to install the APK manually thus bypassing the Store issue
  2. Use an alternative Market, like Android PIT or Amazon, both provides ZW Pro
  3. Install the APK manually

Since this is solved in latest releases of the Play Store please notify your phone vendor about the problem linking the 2 bugs above, this might speed up the upgrade on your phone.