Advanced Clock Widget

Changelog can be found on the news

ACW is a small, configurable and “battery friendly” screen widget for Android used to display digital clock and many other useful informations. Currently only Android 2.2 or greater is supported.

Current features

  • A lot of different layouts to choose from
  • Fully customizable colors (both background, text and clock)
  • Fully configurable fonts (supports also TTF on SD card)
  • Weather support with fixed location or detected location and configurable refresh period
  • Different timezone support (world clock)
  • Custom text size with effects (shadow, reflection)
  • Does not update when screen is off (stores only battery changes)
  • Up to five configurable areas, currently supported providers:
    • battery status
    • battery status extended (battery percentage + time remaining, both to full charge or discharge)
    • next configured alarm
    • current date
    • network operator
    • location
    • weather
    • sunrise and sunset
    • uptime

Pro version

  • Clickable actions both for left and right side of the clock (hours and minutes) with direct access to Alarm or any other app present on the phone.
  • Custom text areas (es: “my battery is now 50%, today is Monday”)
  • Settings save/restore on SD card

Todo list

  • New layouts based on Frame Layout
  • Configuration lock using notification bar

Please send any comment ore feature requests to [email protected] or comment the news.